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Watching Videos is fun, having to pick which videos to watch is work. BiggyTV provides a “TV like” experience of streaming video content that is constantly changing with targeted channels so you can discover new video content exactly for your interests. Building your audience is key to sustaining the growth of your brand and creating new revenue sources. You already have viewers coming to your site or YouTube channel, however, growth is limited without putting your video content on other sites. BiggyTV is the perfect site to help you build your audience. Learn more here. So you are a leading social video producer, your Vine, Instagram accounts are rocking, but do you feel that sometimes 6 seconds or 15 seconds just isn’t enough time to really attract more followers? Whether you string a bunch of your short videos together or film some longer ones, your growth is dependent on getting seen on other sites. Get your marketing ideas cued up and learn more here. If you have any type of online store (ie Etsy, Amazon, eBay) having a video commercial will influence buyers and help you stand out. Put together a 60 minute commercial, even with just slides and watch how your fans jump on your product fan club. Learn more here.