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A New Era of Broadcasting

Grow your social network, discover new videos, showcase your store.

BiggyTV is a live-streaming broadcast network simulcasting on multiple platforms.

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Opening The Gates of Video Distribution and Broadcasting

BiggyTV liberates cord-cutters and content producers from the restrictions of cable and satellite and we enable a solution for local TV, Radio, newspapers and ISPs to expand their over-the-top ("OTT") presence


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24 Hour Shopping Channel

On the BiggyTV Shopping channel, retail chains, eCommerce websites, Brands, small and large producer distributors and Etsy store owners can participate in driving sales with Live Streaming video.  BTV's Shopping channel directly connects buyers to sellers through link backs on mobile, website and connected televisions devices


BiggyTV's "Big Stick"

The Biggy Stick

Enables anyone to connect multiple cameras and

Live Broadcast to their Personalized BiggyTV Channel


A completely portable Live Streaming Hub

PLUS! Connect it to any screen via HDMI

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