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Decades of experience in entertainment marketing and distribution as driven BiggyTV to liberate content producers from the restrictions of cable and satellite, providing a solution for local TV, Radio, newspapers and ISPs to expand their over-the-top (“OTT”) presence.


Content Producers

BiggyTV is a multi-channel live streaming cloud based network of channels that are targeted by interests. If you have videos on YouTube, Vimeo or other on-demand sites, BiggyTV drives video discovery of your content. Upload a few videos to BiggyTV and we link back to your YouTube, Facebook, Twitter to drive your audience growth.
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Content Providers

Do you already broadcast your content on a cable or satellite channel? You can still upload content to BiggyTV without risking your lucrative deals with Pay TV. Because BiggyTV schedules and traffics all of its channels, using content from your archives or programs not currently in broadcast won't cause an overlap.
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Shopping / Commerce Sites

On the BiggyTV Shopping channel, retail chains, eCommerce websites, small and large product distributors now can participate in driving sales with video. BTV's Shopping channel directly connects buyers to sellers through link backs on mobile, website and connected television devices.
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Local TV, Cable, Newspapers and ISPs

BiggyTV is your solution provider to move into the age of OTT. We provide a customize solution for you to take advantage of current live simulcast trends from content providers, but we augment that programming with additional channels from BiggyTV's lineup.
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How does BiggyTV compare to other video sites?

Most people are familiar with video streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime video. These are all video on-demand sites, meaning once you are familiar with a show you select it and enjoy. BiggyTV is different in that we stream video content from all different types of video producers which allows you to lean back and let the content come to you.

This allows you to discover new videos that you didn't even know you would like. Video on-demand sites rely on the fact that you are looking for a specific TV show or movie, They make recommendations, but they still might get it wrong. With BiggyTV our content initially is separated into targeted interests, then over time, we create personalized channels.

If all you watch is content that is personalized to your taste, you would never discover new videos that you might love. BiggyTV is all about video discovery.

How is BiggyTV different SlingTV or HBOGo?

Everyday there are announcements of new ("over-the-top") OTT services, meaning consumers can watch TV shows or channels over the internet without having to pay for cable or satellite packages. The big difference between those services and BiggyTV is that we aren't just a retransmission of the exact same programming that is on TV, we actually create our own schedule of programming.

We promote videos and link back to other OTT / mobile sites. So we also partner with these other sites to grow their audience.

BiggyTV does seek to add major content providers, but BiggyTV schedules it own programs from video producers that aren't on traditional cable / satellite channels. We want everyone to be able to distribute their content on a level playing field and grow their audience, that even includes social sites like YouTube, Periscope and Meerkat.


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Launched on iPhone/iPad

Coming Soon: Android and Amazon Fire

Connected TV

Launching on FireTV May 1, 2015
Coming Soon:
Roku, Apple TV, and Tivo

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