BiggyTV Partnership – Local Broadcasters

Local Broadcasters have an opportunity

to join the online video market.

 Online Video

The Problem

YouTube, Facebook and other videos sites have contributed to the spread of content that is questionable for viewers.

Consumer stream over 100 millions hours of content to their home TVs, mobile and other devices.  But hours are wasted searching for quality videos.

These sites don’t curate content, nor take the time to care about the subject matter of videos.

Consumers no longer trust online videos sites.

Video programing that is curated.  Don’t worry that your subscribers will be exposed to questionable content.

Partner with BiggyTV

The Solution

Provide a trusted destination for online videos and more to your local broadcast viewers.

Put your locally produced content on a trusted destination without getting mixed in with other videos.

Provide a simple solutions to meet customer needs to watch the best of the web and beyond.

Launch new Live Video Streaming service in 15 – 30 days.

Simple Integration for Authorization (Similar to TVEverywhere), Reporting and Tracking