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Binge Watching is not your fault

Decision fatigue solved by a binge watch

Binge Watch
Binge watch non stop session!

A binge watch provides hour upon hour of entertainment, but the aftermath shouldn’t send you into a guilt spiral.   You are suffering from decision fatigue and you can’t be blamed for this condition.

While you think that your time might be better spent with friends, family, rebuilding that car, solving the worlds problems, taking just one more SoulCycle class, it just isn’t your fault.

Television shows are built upon the idea that the audience needs to be hooked so they come back to the watch more of the show AND more commercials.   Soap Operas, the king of all ‘cliff hangers’ run 5 days a week because they are so good at providing multiple stories lines with multiple cliffs hangers.

The term ‘couch potato’ was coined to mean someone who sits on the couch and watches TV all the time, they ‘binge watch’.  Watching TV before the term ‘binge watch’ came around Binge Netflix Hulujust meant you were watching TV a couple of hours a day.  While ‘coach potato’ is a negative in some people’s minds which that is exactly what happens when we binge watch a show.  We want entertainment to distract us for a while and the very purpose is to not make decisions.  This is where ‘Decision Fatigue’ sets in and forms the basis that will release you from all of your binge watching guilt.

Spending hours watching The Crown on Netflix or every season of Saturday Night Live on Hulu will make the food delivery guy happy, but is it actually relaxing?

Making decisions is hard and we make a ton of them everyday.   A posting on Quora says “Researchers at Cornell found that people make an average of 226.7 decisions about food alone.”

Having choices for your entertainment distraction is great, but now video on demand gives you thousands of new choices to make.  But if that distraction only lasts for 30 seconds or 45 minutes you aren’t getting relief from your decision fatigue.  So, why not watch 8 hours of Scandal at once.  You know Olivia Pope, you care about Olivia Pope.  So why not let Olivia Pope make your decisions for a couple of hours.  The only decision you have to make is whether you want to watch the next episode and the type of pizza you want to order.  No search, click, repeat.

See, you aren’t to blame for missing your kids recital or soccer game.  If your parents send the police to your house to check up on you, just tell them you have decision fatigue and you will be free to ‘couch potato’ your night or weekend guilt free.